Ten Things That Suck About Network Marketing

The network marketing industry isn’t perfect.

In fact, here are the Top Ten Things That Suck About Network Marketing. Think twice before you go all in!

Ten Things That Suck About Network Marketing

Ten Things That Suck About Network Marketing

  1. You have to deal with people making excuses
  2. You have to deal with people quitting. People will magically disappear. They’ll stop plugging into meetings, stop answering their phone, and quit on their goals.
  3. You have to deal with people lying. They’ll tell you they’re getting started, that they want to buy, and not follow through.
  4. You’ll deal with haters. Close friends and family might hate on your business, and even sabotage you.
  5. Sacrifice. This is one of the hardest things to deal with. Sometimes it sucks going to a meeting when you know you’ll be missing out on social activities.
  6. Making so much money and having to give a chunk to the government. The more money you make, the more you give to the IRS.
  7. You’re going to have to leave some of your old friends behind. You’ll be making newer, happier, more positive friends. This will really suck for your old friends.
  8. You may have to move into a new house. It’s a lot of work to move. You may even buy brand new furniture, a new car, new custom suits. . .and you’ll probably go on a lot of vacations.
  9. Waking up when you’re done sleeping. You may not see the sun rise, because you’ll wake up when you’re done sleeping, instead of by an alarm clock.
  10. Spending all that time with your loved ones. Expect to see more of your kids, your wife, and the important people in your life. It can drive you crazy sometimes!

These are the ten things that suck about network marketing. Are you ready to take it serious?

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