From Scarcity to Abundance: Mindset of the Top MLM Producers

Short term mindset will get you into trouble.

As a leader, you must have abundance and look at every negative situation as an opportunity to grow. Too many so-called leaders put themselves and their partners in a box with this scarcity mentality. It’s sad that they are not only hurting their income and impact but they’re also hindering the growth of their sales force and their company.

Always look to do the right thing in any situation. I know it’s not easy sometimes but you gotta look at the big picture. The best leaders look at how their decisions will impact their legacy. Why put a limit on your potential because of current circumstances?

Ultimately we’ve had our biggest breakthroughs after our biggest disappointments. I love being stretched and have learned to embrace adversity like never before.

In this video, we’ll discuss the consequences of short term mindset and how you can begin to cultivate that abundant mindset that top earners have.

From Scarcity to Abundance: Mindset of the Top MLM Producers

From Scarcity to Abundance: Mindset of the Top MLM Producers

In this industry, you shouldn’t analyze your results after five days. You shouldn’t even analyze your results after five months! You can critique things, and ask for feedback, but don’t say it doesn’t work. It does work, but you have to work it.

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There might be somebody leaving your business right now, or switching to a different company. Wish them the best of luck! That way, they’re not out there speaking badly of you. They may not even speak badly of the company as a whole, because they like you and they don’t want to hurt you.

Don’t burn bridges. Think long term. Think of it this way. You may make major decisions someday. You may go to another company.

It’s interesting, you will see people recruit people often from other companies, but if someone leaves their team, they’re the devil. Why is it okay for you to recruit, but not for them to leave? You’re burning a bridge with someone who could come back someday, or could have a conversation with someone who also knows you, all because they decided to go in a different direction.

I worked with a company for seven years, and a lot of people talked smack about our decision to leave. Years later, a lot of them ended up leaving the company. How silly must they look?

I’m guilty of this. I had people who quit my team and I ran my mouth back in the day. When I left my company, I called those three or four people and I apologized and am cool with all of them today. Even if I don’t want to be friends with them, there’s no point in having a burnt bridge.

You can also have short term mindset within your team. As entrepreneurs, we are joining a network marketing business because we are entrepreneurial. As entrepreneurs, we want to create multiple income streams, and we have our upline saying no. We are all entrepreneurs. I find it silly and hypocritical to tell people to not develop multiple streams of income when they are an entrepreneur in the first place.

Most people getting involved in this profession are independent people. I hear the phrase, “This person or that person is so un-coachable”. No, they’re uncontrollable, because they’re a leader. They don’t want someone breathing down their neck and micromanaging them. I personally don’t like it, and I won’t respond to it. Your key leaders are going to be like that. You can make suggestions, you can show them what works, and support and help them, but if they’re not following the system maybe they’re just not ready yet. Give them time and give them space. Don’t run your mouth, and don’t push them. What weighs more, your ego or your bank account?

Those with big bank accounts, you better be careful and humble yourself. Do I want to sometimes lash out and crush somebody? Yes. But that won’t help me accomplish my goal, it won’t help me improve the situation and it ultimately won’t help me help them. You sometimes have to meet people where they are. Don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t expect everyone else to follow you when you’re an independent leader and you made the decision to join in the first place.
See the big picture.

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Your scarcity thinking is holding you back. It’s why you’re not getting the results you want. It’s why you’re hitting the ceiling. What if your company goes out of business someday, but you burned a bridge with someone. They’re not joining you!

Who cares who left your team? Do you want someone staying in your business if they don’t believe in it anymore? Be friendly with all the people inside of our profession.

This profession is hard enough. Have a different mindset when someone says no to you. Maybe they had a bad day, or their confidence isn’t there, or someone is sick. Don’t let little situations distract you from the big picture. Have an abundance mentality.

Are you going to start looking at adversity as an opportunity to grow?

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