How to Get More Views on Your Facebook Live Videos

How would you like to get better results when you do a live broadcast on Facebook?

When we made the decision to become online entrepreneurs, someone basically gave the piece of advice that we should do Live video.

We feel like we talk about live video so much, why don’t we talk about how to get better results? In this video, we’ll discuss the best ways to get more views on Facebook Live.

How to Get More Views on Your Facebook Live Videos

People are going to stop by to check you out, but they’re going to stick around if there’s value. You have got to show up, and you have got to be so incredibly grateful for this platform that allows you to project your voice.

Visualize that your message is a blessing. If just one person watches your video and it puts a smile on their face and uplifts their spirits and teaches them something, that one message can affect generations to come.

There are five basic tips we have for getting more views on Live video.

5 Tips to Get More Views on Your Facebook Live Videos:

1. You need to grab their attention in the first 3 seconds

Have a really good introduction question, smile and start right away. Don’t wait for people to hop on.

2.  Engage your audience

Weave some engagement throughout your live video. This is what’s so cool about Facebook. Someone can be watching your video that you posted years ago, and if they ask a question and you answer it, Facebook puts it back in the newsfeed. This means your video has new visibility.

3. Share your broadcasts

If you do a live broadcast on your fan page, share it on your personal page. If you only have a personal page, share it in a group. Some of the best people I’ve met found me through somebody else’s group.

If you’re saying, “nobody is sharing my broadcast, ask yourself, are you sharing your broadcast?

Follow the 80/20 rule. 20% of the time, you should be creating content, 80% of the time you should be promoting content.

4. Do not be boring

You can’t be boring when you show up to live broadcast. Here’s the problem: There’s a lot of noise out there, and a lot of people doing live videos. Why would people watch yours? You have to look animated. Be lively. Be excited.

5. Create a curiosity peaking or value proposition headline

Your broadcast might be amazing, but if your headline sucks, you’re going to miss a lot of traffic.

Test the effectiveness of your headlines with this free tool. If you get a score that’s over 30% – you are a headline creation genius.

If you want more views, more likes, and more comments, give more likes, views and comments. On the back end, have more conversations.

A lot of people that watch my videos are people I’ve had at least one conversation with. Build depth in those relationships over time. A lot of times, we go to social media when we’re new, and we want instant gratification. We want to take. When you go into any situation with “give me” and “serve me”, do you want to hang out with people like that? You have to operate in the way that you would want people to be toward you.

Additional Resources to Help You Crush it on Facebook:

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