How to Prospect Cold Market Leads for Your Home Business

How would it feel to recruit additional 2 people per month every month?

The ability to prospect cold market leads is one of the highest paid skills in Network Marketing. If you can convert cold market leads to get started with your business, you’ve just raised your pay scale!

Let’s talk all about leads: what type of cold market leads are the best to buy, how to talk to them, what are the best questions to ask?

Bottom line, inside this training you’ll quickly learn how to call leads and get results!

Join us inside this webinar training we did featuring a special guest trainer, Justin Poletti. Justin has personally sponsored over 70 people via cold leads in the last 12 months.

The response to this training has been absolutely phenomenal. We are super thrilled that it brought so much clarity.

How to Prospect Cold Market Leads for Your Home Business Training

Keys to Cold Market Prospecting Success:

  • You are a business developer, not a sales rep
  • Interview, don’t sell
  • Use a process other than yourself to “present” your opportunity (capture page, live call or event, recorded call, 3-way call, etc.)
  • Work as many leads and talk to as many prospects as possible
  • Use a follow-up system (personal call, A/R)
  • Think long term

Cold Market Prospecting Slides:

Cold Market Prospecting Script (smile while on the phone):

  • Hi name, how’s it going?
  • This is (name). I’m calling you back.
  • You requested more information about working from home.
  • What can I do for you? (let them talk)
  • Ok, great…Do you have pen and paper handy?
  • To save us both time, I need to ask you a few questions to figure out what information to direct you to.


Take notes. Your goal is to identify your prospect’s goals, strengths and needs. The more you have your prospect talk, the more they trust you.

Here is what you’ll say next:

  • Great!  Jot down this website address (your capture page)
  • You’re going to enter your name and email to take our free tour and review a short webinar that explains our business.
  • We’re pre-screening a lot of people right now, so the sooner you can go to (website) the better.
  • Depending on what your response is to this information will determine whether or not we’ll work together and where you fit on our team.

Set up a follow up appointment. If they are online now, ask them to go take a tour now and call back after they are done. Sense of urgency is key!

Are you ready to go call leads? We hope so!!

Additional Resources to Help You Prospect:

Resources to Help You Become a Master Closer:

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  1. Kathleen Gurklies says

    Again thank you so very much for a great seminar looking forward to the one on Friday you spoke about. I appreciate everything you shared.

    You guys are the best.


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