Giving Back

Hey there! I am working with a non-profit organization that mentors and educates at risk youth. As you know, we need to fix this country one child at a time. Not everyone can give time. As important as time is, funding our staff and providing for the kids is as important. Can you please help and donate some of your hard earned money to help us in this process? You are greatly appreciated for anything you are able to give.

Giving Back – Project Crossroad 

About Project Crossroad:

  • Project Crossroad exists to invest in and serve Youth, Families, and Communities with a primary concern for those who potentially face incarceration.
  • Project Crossroad is headquartered in the State of Delaware.
  • Project Crossroad was founded in 2007 by Robert Kossak, who previously served in leadership on the Federal Government’s R.O.P.E. Program (Reaching Out to Provide Enlightenment).
  • Since 2007, Project Crossroad has reached out and served thousands living in the Northeast Region of the United States.
  • Project Crossroad offers a variety of services and outreach including: – group talks / mentoring
    – critical thinking and life management courses
    – licensed clinical social work / case management
    – education fulfillment support
    – job readiness training and apprenticeship placement in the fields of aviation and restaurant hospitality
  • Project Crossroad currently works throughout the Northeast Region with the local judicial / probation / incarceration systems, human services organizations, the public school system, and other local community based non-profit organizations.

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Thank you so much for watching! Let’s make a DIFFERENCE. Giving back is ultimately what life is all about.

Stay tuned to our Facebook Page as we will keep you posted on the IMPACT Project Crossroads Community is making! Cheers!