Top Recruiter Cedrick Harris Shares His Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Recently, at the Prospecting & Recruiting Summit in Southwest Florida, I got the chance to catch up with Cedrick Harris. Cedrick has built multi-million dollar businesses in the network marketing industry, and is one of the best recruiters and trainers I’ve ever met.

He’s done it all, and in this video, he reveals some of his best advice for the new entrepreneur.

Top Recruiter Cedrick Harris Shares His Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Cedrick Harris’ Advice for New Network Marketers:

Cedrick’s first piece of advice for new entrepreneurs is to cut down your email following to approximately two people. There is a lot of what he calls cross-pollination out there, and when you’re learning so many things, it’s easy to get confused.

Cedrick also advises new entrepreneurs to find something that they are already comfortable in and work on that. If you’re a natural at video, focus on that. If you’re a great writer, build your blog.

He says, “If you’re already good at something, focus on it.”

Cedrick also gives us a little insight into his prospecting and recruiting strategy. His favorite way to go out and build a team is attraction marketing. He explains that he wants to attract people to him, and he’s very strategic about people that he sponsors.

A few years ago, Cedrick recruited 100 people in only two days, and his mentor Holton Buggs told him to stop. He said to him that “you’re going to know everyone’s business back end, and everybody’s name, but that’s not important.” What’s really important, he said, is their wife’s name, their cat and the birthdays. Relationships are important. If you sponsor so many people, you’re not going to be able to figure these things out.


When you meet people who are leaders, take a few minutes and get a video and an interview. He says, “You become guilty by association. So if you become guilty by association, why not associate with six, seven, or eight-figure earners.”

He continues, “Then, if you’re guilty, you are guilty of success, not mediocrity”. Cedrick believes this is extremely important for business owners because you have to think about who you are becoming. You become what you surround yourself with.

So, Cedrick says, surround yourself with leaders in this industry, and everything you ever wanted will start to happen in your life.

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