How to Get More Views on Your Facebook Live Videos

How would you like to get better results when you do a live broadcast on Facebook? When we made the decision to become online entrepreneurs, someone basically gave the piece of advice that we should do Live video. We feel like we talk about live video so much, why don’t we talk about how to […]

How to Start Generating Leads for Your Business Today


Want to attract more people to you and your business? I’ve had some people ask me, “John, how did you first start generating leads online? How did you first start attracting people to you?” Well, I’m going to give you the answer right now. This strategy turned out to be the most effective strategy I’ve […]

Why You Should Be Fired Up about Periscope and Twitter

Want to build a huge following? Periscope is the hottest Social Media platform right now … you probably have heard about it and maybe even broadcasted a few scopes. Let’s kick it up a notch and talk about how to get big results even if you are new. What is Periscope? Periscope, Twitter’s new live […]

3 Tips to Becoming a Celebrity in Your Business

Want to become an authority in your niche virtually overnight? We ran on of the most successful webinars of all time last night with the man himself, Ray Higdon. He covered his 5 steps to becoming an authority. So many people were blown away by the content. Check out our 3 biggest takeaways from his training […]