From Scarcity to Abundance: Mindset of the Top MLM Producers

Short term mindset will get you into trouble. As a leader, you must have abundance and look at every negative situation as an opportunity to grow. Too many so-called leaders put themselves and their partners in a box with this scarcity mentality. It’s sad that they are not only hurting their income and impact but […]

Top Recruiter Cedrick Harris Shares His Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Recently, at the Prospecting & Recruiting Summit in Southwest Florida, I got the chance to catch up with Cedrick Harris. Cedrick has built multi-million dollar businesses in the network marketing industry, and is one of the best recruiters and trainers I’ve ever met. He’s done it all, and in this video, he reveals some of […]

Why You Should Quit Your Network Marketing Business Today


Have you ever felt like you should quit your network marketing business? If you don’t have long term vision you should not be in network marketing. This is not a get rich quick scheme. If you joined thinking you were going to do some work today and get paid on Friday then you are in […]