How to Master Power Recruiting in Network Marketing

How to Master Power Recruiting in Network Marketing

What if you created an online presence that is so captivating that your prospects couldn’t help but throw their credit cards at you to get started? Would that be amazing? The good news is … it’s never been easier to create your home business empire utilizing Social Media. The bad news … when you start […]

How to Close the Sale in Network Marketing

How to Close the Sale in Network Marketing

When people start a network marketing business, a lot of them post their link on social media right away, because they want everybody to join. They want to enroll every single person they can, but that is not really the proper mindset. You can’t close everybody, but you don’t want everybody! You’ve got to be […]

2 Ninja Tips to Engaging Your Ideal Prospect on Facebook


Are you tired of talking to people that are not likeminded? These 2 ninja tips will help you engage with your ideal prospect through using Facebook! The first thing we are going to talk about today is facebook FANPAGES. If you’re not technical, don’t get worried because you’re not going to have to set up […]

My Exact Prospecting Formula to Create Big Profits


Do you want the secrets to making the “big money”? If you are serious about creating big profits then you want to write down some notes from this post. These are the “secrets” that I have used to create massive success in my business. My Exact Prospecting Formula to Create Big Profits #1 – Setting […]

Insanely Increase Your Number of New Business Partners


Do you want to rapidly grow your business? This is one of the most powerful techniques I have used to grow my business – FAST! How many of you know that when you bring a new rep onto your team that you have to get them excited and rolling right away? The faster people get […]

6 Tips on Prospecting Cold Market Leads for Network Marketers

As a Network Marketing professional, at some point you are going to run out of warm market. Hopefully at that point you’ve talked to everyone you know about your business and even if you haven’t, maybe you want to fill sometime in your schedule with cold leads. Let’s talk about cold market leads and how to turn […]

How to Prospect Cold Market Leads for Your Home Business

How would it feel to recruit additional 2 people per month every month? The ability to prospect cold market leads is one of the highest paid skills in Network Marketing. If you can convert cold market leads to get started with your business, you’ve just raised your pay scale! Let’s talk all about leads: what […]

3 Facebook Prospecting Tips for Network Marketers


Would you like to become a lean mean prospecting machine? There are 2 ways to move your Network Marketing business forward. There is marketing your business (reactive method) and prospecting for your business (proactive method). You want to be doing a combination of both. From a marketing standpoint, you do want to be sure that […]