Top Recruiter Cedrick Harris Shares His Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Recently, at the Prospecting & Recruiting Summit in Southwest Florida, I got the chance to catch up with Cedrick Harris. Cedrick has built multi-million dollar businesses in the network marketing industry, and is one of the best recruiters and trainers I’ve ever met. He’s done it all, and in this video, he reveals some of […]

Secrets to Complete Focus and Success in Network Marketing

Secrets to Complete Focus and Success in Network Marketing

As a network marketer, it’s so easy to get distracted. You have different opportunities being thrown at you. You have different leaders in your company telling you different strategies that work for them. Should you focus on branding yourself, blogging, cold calling, home parties? Personal development is highly recommended. Some distributors are listening to Personal […]

What Building Multiple MLMs will do to your Business

What Building Multiple MLMs will do to your Business

In the network marketing industry, there are so many opportunities available that they naturally lead to many questions. A question I often come across is “Can you build multiple MLMs at the same time?” The answer is no, and in this video I’m going to tell you why. What Building Multiple MLMs will do to […]

Why You Should Quit Your Network Marketing Business Today


Have you ever felt like you should quit your network marketing business? If you don’t have long term vision you should not be in network marketing. This is not a get rich quick scheme. If you joined thinking you were going to do some work today and get paid on Friday then you are in […]

How to Break Records in Your Home Business with Jessie Lee Ward


Success leaves lots of clues. If you want to break records in your business, today’s video is for you! Nadya and I are always looking for people who are inspiring and motivational. No one fits that description more than Jessie Lee Ward, because she is truly one of a kind. She’s broken all kinds of […]

5 Surefire Ways to Fail in Network Marketing


There are so many ways to succeed in network marketing, and plenty of successful people to learn from. I provide free training here on my blog all the time on how to succeed and grow your business, make new connections, and reach your earning goals. Just like there are ways to make yourself a great […]

Todd Falcone’s Fast Track for Network Marketing Succcess


Success is measured in levels. Maybe you are just starting out, and frustrated with the length of time it’s taking you to succeed. Or maybe you had a strong start, and have hit a plateau that you find mediocre. When it comes to reaching the six figure mark, and breaking through your barriers, Todd Falcone […]

Why You Should Follow a Proven System in Network Marketing


If you want your business to grow like wild fire, I want you to think about something. Is your business YOU-dependent or is it SYSTEM-dependent?  If you are brand new in your business, you have to be coachable to the system that your upline or your company outlined for you. Follow the steps to a […]

Struggling in Network Marketing? What to Do


So here we were… enjoying a delicious lunch in beautiful San Diego chatting away with fellow mastermind members and it happened… One of the girls says, “This one friend of mine is a bit annoying. Every time I talk to her, she is talking about her Networking opportunity.” A few other people jumped in and […]