How to Get More Views on Your Facebook Live Videos

How would you like to get better results when you do a live broadcast on Facebook? When we made the decision to become online entrepreneurs, someone basically gave the piece of advice that we should do Live video. We feel like we talk about live video so much, why don’t we talk about how to […]

10 Tips to Grow Your Network Marketing Business During the Holidays


Would you agree that businesses make a lot of money during this time a year? Would you agree they open earlier, they stay open later, they have different specials and promotions? When you’re in business for yourself, you need to have the mindset that you’re going to capitalize on this season. Here are my 10 […]

Should You Have a Facebook Page as a Network Marketer?

Should You Have a Facebook Page as a Network Marketer

Nadya and I train people in the network marketing industry all over the world on how to build their online presence using social media. One of the most common questions we hear is “Should I start a fan page to build your network marketing business?” Check out this video for the detailed answer to this question. […]

Attract Thousands of Followers on Facebook with this Exclusive Training

Attract Thousands of Followers on Facebook with this Exclusive Training

Are you looking to build your network marketing business on Facebook? If you’re looking to attract thousands of followers on Facebook over time, these are some easy strategies you can use every day to help you get results from social media. In this exclusive training, I share with you my exact strategies that I used […]

2 Ninja Tips to Engaging Your Ideal Prospect on Facebook


Are you tired of talking to people that are not likeminded? These 2 ninja tips will help you engage with your ideal prospect through using Facebook! The first thing we are going to talk about today is facebook FANPAGES. If you’re not technical, don’t get worried because you’re not going to have to set up […]

3 Facebook Prospecting Tips for Network Marketers


Would you like to become a lean mean prospecting machine? There are 2 ways to move your Network Marketing business forward. There is marketing your business (reactive method) and prospecting for your business (proactive method). You want to be doing a combination of both. From a marketing standpoint, you do want to be sure that […]

Big Mistake Network Marketers Make in Facebook Groups


When it comes to private Facebook Groups, a lot of Network Marketers are doing it wrong. The principle that you will discover inside this video is counter-intuitive. This requires a slight change in mindset. This is so simple and incredibly effective! Big Mistake Network Marketers Make in Facebook Groups Realize this: The more value you provide, […]

Facebook Edgerank & Easy Ways to Increase Your Engagement


Many of us use Facebook to connect with people. Nadya and I have had a lot of success building our Network Marketing business with Facebook. In order for you to have a lot of success on Facebook, let’s discover what Facebook Edgerank is and how it affects everything that you do. Facebook Edgerank is like […]

How to Use Facebook to Build Your Home Business


If you are a new or an experienced network marketer or an entrepreneur and you are frustrated with lack of people you can talk to about your product, business or service, this training is for you. See in business, money follows eyeballs. This training is all about how you can generate leads via attraction marketing and Social Media. […]