How to Build a Successful Business While Raising a Family

Have you ever wanted to know the secret to building a multiple six figure business online from home, while also raising a family?

In this video, we get the background story of Diane Hochman. Diane is an online celebrity trainer who has been in the industry for seventeen years and built her business online from home.

Diane got started after she left her job to stay home with her kids. After some time, she decided she needed to do something to make an extra income or get a job. That’s when she got into network marketing. Originally, she was in traditional network marketing. She was having meetings and traveling to meet with her team.

She finally realized she had to find another way.

How to Build a Successful Business While Raising a Family with Diane Hochman

How to Build a Successful Business While Raising a Family

This brought her to the internet. She got online in 2001 and dabbled with blogging in 2005 when blogs came about. When YouTube came onto the scene in 2006, she thought, “This is my shot”. She stayed up until 5am uploading her first video. She says, “I was a pioneer. I was one of the very first people in this industry to use video.”


Timing is everything because being one of the first made Diane a celebrity fast. She says, “I would upload a video at night, wake up, and there would be 2,000-5,000 views.” People were searching for things online, and she had learned what keywords were during her brief experience with blogging. So, she learned to write a description for her videos that would attract people. She recalls, “I went from a housewife selling diet pills in the parking lot of the supermarket to a celebrity in a short period of time”.

Suddenly, people were asking her to come speak. She attributes this all to being an “early adapter”. Finding the next marketing tool, using it, and becoming comfortable before everyone else.

This doesn’t mean she abandoned traditional methods. She just added a little leverage. In this industry, you have to be high tech and you need to be high touch. Diane was generating leads online and had built a list, but followed it up with prospecting and recruiting.

The most amazing thing about Diane is that she built all of this while raising a family. To make this work, she used a team approach with her kids. She says, “We sat down as a family and I said, ‘We’re going to open a family business’.” They set family goals. The first goal was a trip to Disney.


She came up with a hand signal that her kids still use to this day, to let them know whether they could talk or not when she was on the phone. If it was a prospect, she needed quiet. If it was a friend or an upline, a little background noise was okay. She set rules and included them in the process.

Although the kids were young, she gave them assignments so they felt like they were working when mommy was working. She says, “We built in a lot of fun things with the kids surrounding the business”. She goes on to describe some of the amazing experiences her kids got to be a part of, such as meeting new and even famous people and traveling to a lot of different places.

She says, “I felt like if they felt like they were a part of it instead of mommy being taken away, it might make a difference”.

It definitely did make a difference, and Diane was able to achieve massive success with her online business and was able to do this from home while raising her family.

How powerful was that? I hope you loved it as much as we did!

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