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If you are anything like us, you appreciate organized knowledge.

Time is way more valuable then money. You can always make more money, but once you invest your time, it’s gone forever. That’s why John and I invested over$70,000 in the last 24 months to learn from the best marketers in the world like Ray and Jessica Higdon, Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo,  and so many more.

We took our business skill set, combined it with this online marketing/branding training, and as a result of that education, here are some of our results:

  • We went from 1 stream of income to 9+ streams of income
  • We now work 80% from home VS working out of the house most of the time
  • We take 10+ biz-cations/year
  • We scaled multiple businesses to multiple six figures
  • We are now stay-at-home parents =)John-Nadya-Melton

So if you are a fan of how we positioned our brands, our blogs, our marketing and you would like similar results, you might really enjoy our step-by-step academies that showcase our secrets that we haven’t taught until now.

Basically, we took our 15 years of “Network Marketing” education combined it with 3 years on “Branding and Online Marketing” Education to bring worth our premium training programs!

VIP Video Marketing Academy


Is your fear of getting in front of the camera robbing you of achieving massive success in your business? You want to start shooting videos, but as soon as you go to hit record…

Your negative self-talk steps in and makes you question what you should even talk about on camera and if anyone would actually listen to you.

VIP Video Marketing Academy is an online course that shows you how to:

  • Be Recognized as the Expert in your Niche
  • Feel Confident and Comfortable on Live Video
  • Generate Leads that are Excited and Ready to Buy
  • Create Content that Compels Your Prospects to Join you
  • Do Less by Becoming 800x More Effective!

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Social Network Marketing Academy


Are you frustrated with your results in Network Marketing? Want to tap into the power of Facebook to recruit 10-20 reps a month?

Social Network Marketing Academy is a 5-module online course for new and experienced Network Marketers who want to build their business leveraging Facebook.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • 6-Figure Business Building & Branding Secrets
  • The Ultimate Rejection-Free Prospecting Strategies
  • Social Media Lead Generation Plan
  • Complete Team Building Formula
  • Top Producer Playbook for Hyper Momentum
  • Our Complete Script Book Plus Insane Bonuses

If you are serious about creating a professional level of income and mastering Facebook lead generation, this course is for you.

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Mega Branding Academy

Mega-Branding-AcademyWould You Like to Turn Heads, Attract Limitless Leads, Become an Authority in Your Business Virtually Overnight?

Mega Branding Academy is Your Step-by-Step Guide to Turning Your Brilliance into a Six-Figure Online Brand.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Create a Unique & Successful Brand that Attracts Your Ideal Prospects & Clients to You
  • Create Content Easily & Efficiently
  • Develop Your Branding Infrastructure to Get You More Leads on a Daily Basis
  • Learn Our Top Branding Strategies that Create Massive Success
  • Discover Our Outsourcing Formula to Work Smarter not Harder
  • Create Massive Exposure for You and Your Brand with our (Free and Paid) Traffic Blueprint
  • Turn Your Blog into a Cash Machine, and much more!

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 What Our Amazing Students Say…


Applying the principles in the SNMA course, we’ve duplicated it with our teams and are seeing a MASSIVE growth curve! The results are immediate as our Facebook friends list increased by 80 people in one week! The “Infomercial” we had on our Facebook pages was laughable, now it’s professional! This is the most powerful, most comprehensive course I’ve seen in 5 years. John and Nadya are phenomenal! Thank you for sharing with our teams! – John & JaRee B.


Thank you John & Nadya Melton for sharing your wisdom! By doing the videos I have definitely gained more followers/friends and enrolled 12 people last month! Videos help build that trust and likability factor that sometimes can be hard to gain through social media. I have had SO many people reach out to me saying how much they appreciate the content I share. I think back on what if I didn’t do the challenge then I wouldn’t have impacted all those people. – Genie S.

Kate P

Since discovering John and Nadya and completing their SNMA and Branding online courses, the network of people I now interact with has more than tripled. I am learning how to best use Social Media to grow relationships that convert. I now know that I am adding value to peoples lives. I am thriving and excited about the future now that I am my own brand and not an advertisement channel for my company.Kate P.

Darius WiseFor almost a year, I found myself waiting for the right time. I watched people post videos and I thought to myself “I can do that”. But not sure if people would watch and listen, I allowed this fear and lack of clarity on what I would say hold me back. I posted my first video on Facebook in July of 2015 and only had a couple views (my wife and sister-in-law). After joining SNMA in January 2016, I have posted several videos that are averaging over 100 views, multiple comments and likes. In two weeks doing live Periscope videos I have gone from 0 followers to almost 100 followers and over 4,000 hearts. Thanks to John and Nadya Melton I have moved beyond my fear and I am finding my groove. – Darius W.


Because of the SNMA courses with John and Nadya, I added 21 people to my business in 3 days plus because of the videos, FB marketing and other amazing content I have now begun my own product, writing my second book, have taught and mentored over 28 people how to set goals and how to create their DNA story and have booked 4 public speaking engagements.None of which would have been possible without the SNMA classes. One of the best investments I have EVER made and I highly recommend them to everyone I meet! – BJ S.

ConsistencBobby-Warnery, it is an easy word to say but a more difficult word to make a habit of. One of the main reason’s I follow and are coached by John & Nadya is they are the perfect example of Consistency. They both practice what they preach and have made me more accountable to myself and to the vision I have for life, wealth, and happiness. If you have a problem with implementation you must get on board with the Melton’s. – Bobby W.

Fran-StrawMy “branding” and my just “being me” has catapulted immensely not to mention my energy level and fun quotient hitting the ceiling just by my engagement with this amazing couple. Nadya Melton and John Melton you are so inspiring and I am blessed to be working with you. I am so excited to take me to the marketplace. Just in the past 2 days I have landed 2 presentation appointments to businesses that I had been speaking to. The SNMA is a must. Easy to follow and with direct attention from the team! You can not find that anywhere else. Go for it !! – Fran S.

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