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I coach Network Marketers and entrepreneurs how to become an authority in their business virtually overnight, become a top producer and create a life of their dreams!

Let’s face it: Most entrepreneurs are spending their time working on the wrong things.

We all get started in our own business so we can achieve a better quality of life, right? Maybe you are freedom motivated like me and you don’t want to live your life on someone else’s terms.

I am certain that you are passionate about your business and the value you are bringing to the world. I would also guarantee you are passionate about your quality of life. You want time with your family and friends. You’d like to travel more. You’d like to spend less time working, and more time enjoying your success.

Well I am here to tell you that you can have it all.

Are you serious about changing your life?

If you are struggling to take your business to the level of success that you desire because of a lack of training and resources, you are in the right place.

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I am all about results.


10 things that suck about Network Marketing …


Posted by John & Nadya Melton on Saturday, October 8, 2016



I believe in starting a business that allows you to live the life of your dreams. Your business should WORK FOR YOU, not the other way around!

About John Melton


When it comes to network marketing, no one knows the industry quite like John Melton. At the age of 20, John entered the business world with a vision for the future. His drive to constantly improve his position and his industry has resulted in success in all areas of his life.

Today John is a multi-preneur, top producer, and elite in the network marketing industry. His expertise are highly sought after, and his coaching has helped many entrepreneurs achieve success.

As a professional speaker, coach, and trainer, John Melton has inspired people all over the world to reach higher levels of success and create thriving businesses.

John’s teaching methods stand apart from others in the industry. He’s created a visibly successful path to success built on hard work and dedication. He applies basic business ethics and values to the network marketing industry, and helps each person who works with him to envision and achieve their definition of success.

Together with his wife Nadya Melton, he created My Lifestyle Academy, a media and training company dedicated to online marketing and business development, which allows entrepreneurs to get hands on coaching and training online.

Are you ready to take your Home Business, Personal Branding, Social Media Marketing and Lifestyle to the next level?
Here are our top 3 tips to creating amazing results online!


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If you want to be successful, John Melton can give you the tools and training to achieve that success. If you want to hold a successful event that inspires people, look no further than John Melton for your speaker.

Using humor and years of expertise, John will captivate your audience and leave them with valuable information about online marketing, branding, network marketing, social media, and the fundamental ingredients for success.

This website is my  way to pay forward. I love sharing the latest and greatest insights that equipped me for success. Welcome!!!

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