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What Other Successful Marketers are Saying

Ray Higdon, Network Marketing Trainer, Multiple 7-figure Earner
Robert Hollis, Network Marketing Legend

John is without a doubt one of the greatest leaders and marketers I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Most of what I've learned about social media and creating videos I've learned from personally working with John. I think so highly of him, and the integrity that he has, that we have now been partners in multiple businesses. He is one of the most honest and hard working people I've ever had the pleasure to work with. I've taken the things that I've learned from working with John and started my own generic network marketing training business in the beginning of this year. My first month in business I did over $200k, and year-to-date I've done over a half a million dollars in revenue already. Anyone that wants to learn how to generate business and leads online, using videos or social media should strongly consider working with John. If you're a network marketer and you want to learn how to start working smart and not hard in your business, then I couldn't think of a better person to teach you how to do that than John Melton.

Bob Heilig

John Melton in my opinion and observation over the last couple years is that he is such a total BADDASS and complete unicorn with anything he touches. He has a good grip of the marketplace and how to stay cutting edge by teaching his audience how to capitalize on the biggest list we all have, our social media!! I admire him for his ability to not just CRUSH everything he does but also balance a beautiful and loving family! Rock on and stay connected to this guy!

Sheel Patel

"Few people can do and few can teach. John Melton has the unique ability to both do and to teach. His philosophies and trainings come from real experience are are backed with real success. His heart, ethics, experience and trainings can help people take their businesses to the next level."

Justin Prince

John Melton is easily one of the best leaders I've ever had the pleasure of working with. His attention to detail, his wickedly-quick response time, his passion, firey personality, willingness to dive in and become an authority on social media when so many are still scared, and his huge drive for success in himself and in others are all reasons I'm grateful to know him. He keeps his skills sharp and isn't afraid to stay a student of network marketing and online business building and it shows through his achievements. He's absolutely one of the best and anyone who chooses to work with him should feel honored.

Jessie Lee Ward

Having known John for several years in the business arena and outside of it, he is one of the most genuine people I've had the pleasure to be friends with and work with. He's a Leader's leader, an innovator and an awesome husband and father! Doing so much for his industry and those around him, John's winning attitude and industry professionalism always continues to impress and draw leaders from all over the world.

Louie Ginger